I am gie..

January 11, 2009

Hi! I am giselle. I am 27 years old, turning 28 this March. I am married and I have a daughter who describes herself as one, happy tao. Aside from this family, I considered myself as an ulilang lubos, no biological family, that is.

When I was a kid, I was considered as irresponsible. In Elementary, I was “the bully”. In high school, I was the headache. In college, I was the frustration. Well now, I am the “sumpa”! hay promotion..

Not that I have a grudge or something. Sige, something na lang, pekelam mo?!

So now I am a writer, not a waiter. I write for a living and I live for writing. Two way street, that simple.

For the next 100 days or so, I am dedicating this blog for my novel that was rejected for unconventional reasons. Since it will not see publishing days anymore, I decided to give it to people who might want a free read. I will post a page per day and I hope someone will follow me through my journey.

Please take note, this is a Tagalog read so for those English/Japanese/Chinese whatever-speaking mortals who might want to decipher my work, please feel free to contact me for Filipino 101 tutorials, with a fee of course.

This novel is without a title, designed for a PHMish pocketbook so it is an easy read. Hindi kelangan ng math. PHM means Precious Hearts Moments, or something like that..

Sige na, basa basa na tayo.. pag na inspire ako, I will write again.

and shempre blog ko to, I will write about personal stuff as well..

Tara, let’s bring it on!!


4 Responses to “I am gie..”

  1. Meckz Says:

    J0in aq s j0urney mama gie! Xcited na aq!

  2. novelitas Says:

    thanks meckz, salamat sa pagdaan. 😉

  3. Meckz Says:

    Hmm..Auth0r k nga ng tagal0g n0vels mama gie?Hehe pngarap q yn nun highsch0ol aq. E kaso s ibang field naligaw..Hay..

  4. novelitas Says:

    freelance writer ako. yung tagalog novels, pag tag gutom lang. hehe.. 😉

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